Under normal circumstances, I believe everyone in our society should follow current events and monitor our democracy to ensure the stability of our country’s foundational tenets. And then, the President Tweets:

Crazy Mika, along with Psycho Joe

…which may give you cause for concern.

As a responsible and vigilant citizen, you may have overwhelming feelings regarding any one of the several Tweet storms that we have come to expect from our leaders. But don’t panic and checkout of the discussion!

Checking out of Society

Mental breaks from this madness is very helpful. As I have mentioned on previous occasions, I take approximately one mental break each month. Each time, I come back sharper and more prepared to handle the latest shock wave. Side note: we should create a schedule, so that we can ensure that someone is always on watch and not everyone is taking a break at the same time. That seems wildly unnecessary, but then again:

Trump Tweets about Apprentice and Schwarzenegger

If you are open to the idea of taking mini-breaks, I have listed a few signs that indicate you may need a temporary mental hiatus from the media and political circus.

1. Are you a progressive soul who now laments for time long past?

One of my dearest friends explained this feeling in a recent text message confession. “I re-watched The Swan Princess and even though it was misogynistic, it brought me joy.” When she has the desire to trek down outdated and sexist story plots for the nostalgic feeling of a simpler time, it is time for a break.

2. Do you find yourself looking for the good in a Tweet storm?

Examples (based on the sample Tweets provided):

  • “At least Arnold is one person he hasn’t fired.”
  • “He finally showed some concern. It was about a reality show and not any one of the social issues that most Americans truly care about, but at least there was some show of concern.”
  • “This time, when commenting on a woman and bleeding, he restricted the comments to her face and not her… Megyn Kelly.”

3. In the past, did you fault the citizens of infamous tyrannical governments who allowed a mentally unstable individual take control, but now…



Don’t cry! It’s ok. We have to take our new reality in small, bite-size doses. If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, time to take a small break! Maybe during your Timeout, you can calmly imagine a world in which the Donald isn’t running the POTUS Twitter account anymore. Maybe, if certain members of Congress are persuasive, Veep will take over one day in the near future.

Pence Tweet Israel Flag

Oh boy. No worries. I’ll start my Pence Timeout Checklist soon.