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Reba. You may not think this is applicable to the Millennial forum, but give me a minute. I grew up in a rural town in the South, and I have fought the stereotype of a hillbilly from a young age.... Continue Reading →

Take a Timeout

Under normal circumstances, I believe everyone in our society should follow current events and monitor our democracy to ensure the stability of our country’s foundational tenets. And then, the President Tweets: …which may give you cause for concern. As a... Continue Reading →

Support Your Local…Democrat

For several reasons that you would likely not find very interesting, I have moved around a lot in the past few years. I am happy to report that I now have some stability and am making my new town feel... Continue Reading →

The American Nightmare (Guest Writer)

Millennials are talked about a lot these days, and most of the chatter it isn’t good. All too often, “those Millennials” are the butt of a joke or deployed as the reason the status quo is disrupted. I suppose it... Continue Reading →

What the Other Half Doesn’t Realize

This week, Jimmy Kimmel began his show with a monologue that sparked a conversation regarding healthcare in our country. The reactions were all over the board (and frankly, overboard). Some have praised the late-night host for the brave and candid... Continue Reading →


I am forced to believe that people do not understand what the term “feminism” means. Otherwise, why would it be a dirty word…like Millennial? Surely, it has been sensationalized to a point in which the true meaning is lost. From... Continue Reading →

Cheers to You, Friend

Congratulations. My mind has brought us to a fun place in which I feel the need to tell a story within a story. The few people who follow this blog likely just lost interest. I can’t really blame them, but... Continue Reading →

24 Million Lives

Full disclosure: After today’s announcement from the CBO, I am beyond discouraged. In order to counter these emotions, I am watching Park and Recreations to lift my spirits. Watching a group of government officials who work to improve their community... Continue Reading →

No Man is an Island, Revisited

Upfront, I want you to know that I believe there is a bipartisan message in this article. If you are honest, I believe you will agree that the current political environment is nasty. Whether you lean blue or red, we... Continue Reading →

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