You probably want to know why I am uniquely qualified to manage this blog. Let me be very clear: I am not uniquely qualified.

Great. Glad that’s out of the way. Owning It 101.

I’m not a marketing major, but I can tell this is going south real quick. Let me try to pick up the pace before I completely lose your interest. First, I am quite ordinary. Probably not the best hook, but you’re probably hovering around average too. Statistically, most of us are right around average. What a time to be alive! But thanks to sensationalism in the media, our voices and opinions are often overlooked. We need a space for our marginalized stories. Second, Millennials are blamed for everything – not cool, btw! I have strong feelings about this shade thrown at us. It is as if the house was on fire and no one noticed until we said, “Hey! Is that smoke?” Then, grandpa replied, “Everything was fine until you walked into the room. Why are you even here?” I digress. We can explore these feelings through posts…or my therapist’s office, but probably posts, because, you know, healthcare in this country. Lastly, although it completely contradicts my first point, my friends are exceptional. I will be reaching out to them to share.

Sound good? I am probably now speaking to no one at this point. If you made it through the entire “About” ramble, you are truly exceptional, and I look forward to your input.

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