There are many things that are troubling about recent events in the Senate. I’m too exhausted with this to provide any substantive commentary. Someone will likely ask, “How is your inability to provide substantive content on this matter any different from your other posts?” Ha. Ha. I just removed the sting from your burn. #Self-preservation

How about a list? Can we do that this time?

Great. Here is what disturbs me the most:

  1. Our Congress feels threatened, not enlightened, by the words of a civil rights activist.
  2. Instead of progressing, my government is regressing. A man who was too racist in 1986 to be a federal judge is just right the right fit for Attorney General in 2017.
  3. Senator Warren was not allowed to read Coretta Scott King’s letter in the Senate. However, Senators Udall, Sanders, Merkley and Brown were allowed to read the letter (or at least portions). Before you waste your time investigating- yep, they are men. Also, don’t waste your time looking up Senator Warren’s violation. I copy/pasted it for your review.

Senate Rule XIX expressly prohibits “girl senators” from speaking out of turn, which is whenever a male senator is present and would prefer to express the sentiment.

I guess Senator Warren did violate this rule. After all, she is a women. And male senators (plural! which is likely even more damning to her case) wished to express the same thought.

At this point, I’m just astounded. What are your thoughts?