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Stand with Sweden

When I started this blog, I swore that I would never post something without careful consideration. However, I didn’t anticipate the events that unfolded today. True to my mission, I feel the need to post and start the conversation. Also,... Continue Reading →

Coming Out…as a Blogger

Normally, I am a fairly private person, but recent events have drug me out of the closet. To be clear, the closet to which I refer is discretion. Usually, I share my witty insight via group text message with a... Continue Reading →

She Persisted

There are many things that are troubling about recent events in the Senate. I’m too exhausted with this to provide any substantive commentary. Someone will likely ask, “How is your inability to provide substantive content on this matter any different... Continue Reading →

How Basketball Taught Me to Breathe in a Trump Administration

When I was in high school, I was a devout basketball aficionado. I loved it. It was the sole motivating factor that got my ass to school. My parents, to their credit, used basketball as both the carrot and the... Continue Reading →

Don’t March in Place

Recently, someone close to me asked, “What’s the point of marching for a cause?” This person was a man, and I immediately became defensive- claws out, ready for a beat down. I imagined this person being slowly trampled at a... Continue Reading →

Not Here

Recently, I overheard a Generation X-er (possibly a Baby Boomer) discussing one of the most universally discussed topics of a man of his age: the kids these days. Complaining about the day’s youth is a classic. Of course, there are... Continue Reading →

First Post- setting a tone & all that jazz

There is a lot of pressure in one’s first post. I really want to stress why this blog is important to me, but a lot of potential missteps lie along the way. I could coin a phrase that inspires the... Continue Reading →

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